tarix 1.0.7

A simple indexer for GNU and POSIX tar files
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tarix is a simple indexer for POSIX and GNU tar files. The indexes allow fast extraction of files in the archive, especially on seekable tape devices.

The index format is simple enough to be used from a rescue disk with only mt, dd, and tar (though grep and sed would be very useful there).

Tarix is a fairly simple program and should work on any system with an ANSI C compiler that suports GNU-ish 64-bit integers ([unsigned] long long, strtoull). If you are not compiling on a known supported platform, you will probably have to modify src/portability.h to get correct defines for 64-bit file operations correct, and src/portability.c to get correct implementations of the magnetic tape setblk/seek/tell operations. If this is not sufficient, please report it as a bug!

To compile tarix, simply type make (or gmake if your make program is not GNU make) from the base directory of the source distribution. Running make install will install tarix to /usr/local by default, but this can be changed by editing the variables at the top of the Makefile.

Tarix requires the zlib headers and library.

Known Supported Platforms:

- Linux
- FreeBSD

last updated on:
May 27th, 2010, 7:54 GMT
developed by:
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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