arxtools 0.5.2

A library to load, modify and save the archives.

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What's new in arxtools 0.5.1:

  • The tools are now supposed to only support hexadecimal values on the command line whereever a unique item identifier is expected.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Hagen Mobius
ROOT \ System \ Archiving
arxtools is a collection of tools to create, examine and modify ARX archives from the command line. arxtools uses the libarxx library to load, modify and save the archives. arxtools is not yet complete but working and should be tested thorougly.

The arxtools collection currently consists of 9 tools. These are: arxadd, arxarchive, arxdump, arxget, arxlist, arxmerge, arxmod, arxstructure, arxtouch.


arxadd allows you to recursively add files from your local file tree to an ARX archive.


arxarchive can retrieve or set an archive's root item ID.

This tool will be the second to remove because part its functionlity is provided by arxget and the other part can be added to arxstructure.


arxdump will dump the content of a particular item identified by its unique ID to the standard output.

This tool will be the first to remove because its functionlity can be provided by arxget which is even more powerful since it can resolve paths starting at the archive's root item.


arxget is a multi purpose tool to get every bit of information provided by an ARX archive. It is able to resolve paths starting at the root item of an archive and to identify items by their unique ID.


arxlist is a simple ls command for your ARX archive. It is not yet able to resolve paths and needs the unique ID of the item you want to list. It prints out various information about the item in question and about the relations of that item. Without any item identifier it lists all items in an archive.

This tool could eventually be removed as well because its functionlity is to get information about an item. This could also be done with arxget.


arxmerge is an attempt to bring merging functionality to the command line. If given two ARX achives it will merge them based on a configurable sequence of Rules. Refer to the reference documentation of libarxx to learn more about merging.


arxmod can modify item meta information like name, version, type, subtype, version and unique ID. Additionally it can enforce compression or decompression of items and remove them from the archive.


arxstructure can be used to modify an item's structural information. It can add and delete items references.

This tool will be removed because its functionality - modifying structure - is very closely related to that of arxmod since structural information is meta information as well.


arxtouch can create empty archives where there are none and create empty items in archives.

Last updated on August 12th, 2009

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