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A GTK+ graphical front-end to extract rar, zip, tar, bzip and gzip archives under Linux

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Xarchiver is a free and well known archive manager application that provides Xfce users with a lightweight and easy to use solution for handling various types of archives under any open source Linux-based operating systems.

Integrates with the Xfce desktop environment

It is distributed as a standalone application that can be used in any other open source desktop environment, not only Xfce, especially because its graphical user interface is designed with the GTK+ framework.

Talking about the application’s user interface, we can mention that it’s quite familiar for users who used to work with the File Roller software, which is integrated into the controversial GNOME desktop environment.

Features at a glance

The application’s navigation functionality uses mimetype icons, it can add comments to existing or new archives, list archives as Plain Text or HTML files. create solid archives, and generate self-extracting binaries from either zip, rar or 7-zip archives.

It can also supports copy, paste, rename and cut actions within files of several archives, provides users with a modern, tabbed user interface, and supports drag and drop via the XDS (X Direct Save Protocol) protocol.

Supports a wide range of archive types

By default, it supports tar, gzip, 7-zip, bzip2, lzma, arj, lha, rar, lzop, and zip archives, and can also extract deb and rpm binary files. It can automatically detect if the rar, zip and arj archives are password protected, and provides the ability to encrypt passwords for 7-zip, rar, arj and zip archives.

Bottom line

If GNOME didn’t had the File Roller application, we can bet that users would have used Xarchiver as their default archive manager. Even if it can replace File Roller, it will not integrate itself in the right-click context menu of GNOME.

Weather you use the Xfce desktop environment or a more lightweight one, such as LXDE, Openbox or Fluxbox, you can install Xarchiver to manage archives on your open source Linux-based operating system.

Xarchiver was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 1st, 2014

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