RepliWeb 2.3

RepliWeb Managed File Transfer (RMFT) provides fully featured file transfer automation.

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RepliWeb RMFT (RepliWeb Managed File Transfer) provides fully featured file transfer automation:

Automated – Files being received and sent with any protocol including FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, S/MIME, HTTP/S, SSH, SMB, and RepliWeb's enhanced Large Files Accelerator protocol (LFA).
Reliable - Automatic recovery from failures and guaranteed delivery including data integrity protection.
Secured - SSL, digital signatures and various encryption options.
Audit - Compliance with SOX and HIPAA providing non-repudiation.
Flexible – pre / post transfer data processing enabling automatic inspection policies, virus scanning, file conversion, digital signatures, watermark embedding, etc.
Efficient – Accelerates extremely large content transfers.
Simple to Operate – GUI, Web UI, API.

In addition to supporting various transport and security protocols, RMFT adds a guaranteed delivery layer to inconsistent transports such as FTP and provides a full audit of the delivery from start to finish.

Enterprise business applications generate huge numbers of files that must be delivered to a variety of internal and external end points. File transfer is the lifeblood of an organization: it links various systems and ensures the continuity of critical business processes. Failure or interruptions in the file transfer workflow can often result in costly business delays.

Imagine a supply chain where hundreds of files are transferred between suppliers, internal manufacturing, shipping, and billing subsystems, and external customers on a daily basis. With most companies operating "just-in-time" systems, the failure to receive files at any one given point can have a domino effect on all upstream processes.

To prevent such occurrences, more and more enterprises are investing in enterprise-grade managed file transfer solutions. Such solutions boost productivity and cut costs by interfacing with business applications and offering unattended, end-to-end file transfer automation.

Meeting Business Demands

Suppliers, partners, and customers demand flexibility in their ability to receive and process files. For instance, they may insist on using their own open or proprietary transport protocol for sending and receiving files. Special security requirements that necessitate the use of specific security tokens or authentication policies may also be mandated. Trying to meet these demands can be a formidable task.

What's New in This Release:

RepliWeb Managed File Transfer (RMFT) provides fully featured file transfer automation.
It is automated, recoverable, secured, efficient, simple to operate, and can be completely audited.

Last updated on January 24th, 2008

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