OfArchiver 0.43

An HTML archive generator for chat rooms on an Openfire instant messaging server.
OfArchiver is a Python app that generates HTML archives of chat rooms on an Openfire instant messaging server.

Example usage is as follows:

from ofarchiver import OfArchiver

ofa = OfArchiver()
for room in ofa.get_rooms():

A script called ofarchiver is also installed, which takes advantage of the multiprocessing Python module to speed up archive generation on installations with many chat rooms. It can serve as a cron job to generate archives at a given interval.


 With pip:

 sudo pip install OfArchiver

 With easy_install:

 sudo easy_install OfArchiver

 From source:

 git clone http://github.com/egnyte/ofarchiver
 cd ofarchiver
 python setup.py build
 sudo python setup.py install



The Monitoring Service Openfire plugin must be installed and configured.

1. Log into the Openfire admin panel and select the Plugins tab.
2. Install the Monitoring Service plugin.
3. Select the Server tab, then the Archiving subtab.
4. Under Archiving Settings, enable Archive group chats.


An ofarchiver.ini configuration file is included which must be copied to one of the following locations (listed in the order in which they are checked):

- The user's home directory ($HOME)
- /usr/local/etc
- /etc

It consists of the following sections (mandatory options have a **):


 basedir **
 The base directory in which to generate the HTML archive.
 confserver **
 The name of the Openfire conference server.
 db **
 The type of database used by Openfire (only mysql is currently supported).
 Whether to enable debugging statements.
 A file in which to log informational and/or debugging messages.
 The name of the organization running Openfire.
 A list of rooms for which to generate archives.


 hostname **
 The hostname of the MySQL server.
 username **
 A MySQL user, either Openfire's or one created just for OfArchiver (only SELECT privileges on the ofMessageArchive table is needed).
 password **
 The password for the MySQL user above.
 database **
 The MySQL database used by Openfire.


 Whether to enable colors to more easily differentiate chat room members.
 A list of colors to choose from.

Web Server

A web server with automatic directory index generation is required to view the HTML archive. Here is a sample configuration for Apache, with /var/www/html/ofarchive as the archive base directory:

< Directory /var/www/html/ofarchive >
 Options +Indexes
 IndexOptions FancyIndexing
 IndexOrderDefault Descending Date
< /Directory >

Adding authentication and encryption is highly recommended.

last updated on:
November 17th, 2011, 12:12 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
John A. Barbuto
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