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Nexenta Storage Appliance is a software based NAS that meets the current feature sets of the best of breed NAS.




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Nexenta Storage Appliance is a software based NAS that meets the current feature sets of the best of breed NAS, including unlimited snapshots, snapshot mirroring (replication), NFS v3/v4, CIFS, FTP, RSYNC/Amanda, SSH and easy management of extremely large storage pools. Nexenta Storage Appliance delivers richly featured software in the form of a software appliance that is trivial to install and easy to manage.

The product is designed and built to operate as 2nd tier storage alongside pre-existing commercial storage, providing online continuation of data for months and years, with tapes relegated to archival purposes only. The appliance is targeted for 2nd-tier NAS and iSCSI applications requiring extremely low cost storage as well as dramatically simplified provisioning, expansion, backup, replication and archiving. Nexenta Storage Appliance can also be used as a primary NAS in businesses that wish to expand at closer to commodity pricing.

Cost: Save 80% or more over proprietary products! Leverage industry standard x86/64 servers and off-the-shelf commodity hardware.
Freedom: Simplify storage deployment by running Nexenta Storage Appliance on x86/64 hardware, server blades, or common virtualization platforms.
Control: Open source base, open standards, and community participation allow for faster feature integration, better quality assurance, and the freedom to build your own custom solutions.

What's New in This Release:

NMCD may be used as a reliable SMF service.
Dynamic volroot was added to support mounting volumes at arbitrary mountpoints.
A patch to write throttle results in excessive delay was integrated.
An IBM ServeRAID SATA (IPS) driver was added.
Additional interfaces were added for NMV, namely lunsync and volume version.
Many bugs were fixed.
Last updated on June 3rd, 2008
Nexenta Storage Appliance

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