MySQL Savior 1.0.4

MySQL Savior is a script that backups up your MySQL databases via cron and can store x copies locally.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Timothy Tuck
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MySQL Savior is a script that backups up your MySQL databases via cron and can store x copies locally. It emails just todays backups to you at a remote email account and/or it can SCP them to a remote backup server if they are to large for email. This is a set and forget type of script that can and someday will save your butt.

While there is probably hundreds of various scripts out there that do mysql backups i decided to write my own long time ago, Along the way we have modified it as customers are requestiong new features and while i am not a programmer and pretty much suck at scripting too this actually works really well.

Here are some key features of "MySQL Savior":

Backup all databases and compress them. They are stored so that each copy is in its a directory for that DB each named DBname-date.gz so todays db joomla database would be in a folder named joomla and the file would be called joomla-2008-03-31.gz
Stores X copies and deletes the oldest one .
Extended Features if configured-
Emails compressed backups of the complete DB to an external email account daily
Scps the backups to a remote SSH server.

Developer comments

This script is released under the GPL, this software comes with absolutely no warranty. Use only at your own risk, If this script should damage your data, cause global warming, cause your girlriend to leave you your parents to divorce and your father to hookup with a shemale, do not say you were not warned. However if you do find ways to improve this script, fix any bugs or cleaner ways of implimenting any of the functionality or put in error handling i would love to hear from you and welcome your changes.

Other than that there is no promise this script will do anything than what it was intended to do, you must have a couple of programs installed for it to work and you must configure it. I have separated the database zipping into its own small program called zipdb so you can test just that functionality to enable make it easier to troubleshoot.

I can not however help you getting it working if you can not understand what its doing. I am already working over 60 hours a week and am not looking for non-paying work. I promise nothing but the program should work for you without much effort. It is already in use on several production systems.


ssh (optional)

What's New in This Release:

This release adds compression of the resulting backup file.
It fixes two error messages only seen when run from the command line that were purely cosmetic.
It adds a bit more documentation in the README.TXT file, specifically covering how to set up SSH keys for those who want/need/use that functionality.

Last updated on June 27th, 2008

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