Distributed Internet Archiving Program 0.3.4 Alpha

Distributed Internet Archiving Program is a set of shell scripts to set up a system using three backup nodes.

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GPL v3 
3.3/5 12
Damian Brasher
ROOT \ System \ Archiving
Distributed Internet Archiving Program is a set of shell scripts to set up a system using three backup nodes.

To provide a de-centralised, self-contained and managed storage utility. The emergence of a DVLT Distributed Virtual Tape Library - is the end result.

Design philosophy...

Maximise:- Storage Capacity, availability of data, data restoration and recovery speed, scalability, modularity, cross-platform deployment, resilience and robustness.

Minimise:- Operating bandwidth overhead, impact of network outages, management overheads, support costs.

Simplify:- Development cycle, deployment, data recovery, operation, integration with existing systems.

Financial gains for any SME are foreseen. An aim of the project is to support the following with evidence. The obvious advantage is reduced reliance on commercial tape systems, the fact that the most valuable data is retained even under extreme data loss conditions may reduce insurance premiums, less time spent supporting backups including faster retrieval times and rapid deployment. For the contract systems administrator or for risky jobs deploy for peace of mind.

As project maturity is reached, to help reduce an organisations carbon footprint, the extent to which is unknown at this stage.

The release has been written in bash script as bash has good prototyping qualities and then will be re-written in Perl. Apply to join the mailing list to know more and perhaps take part in some testing or coding. Testing especially for any Linux distribution or UNIX flavour.

The download, see left, is an attempt to define a subset of the description on this site - a working prototype that could be a useful development utility to an experienced Linux/Unix Sys Admin.

As the release is fresh full testing will take a month or two, from the date of last release, to cover the 30 day cycle it invokes - however there is a development mode available for rapid testing. It works with any three existing Linux (Tested with Fedora 6 and later) servers or workstations with appropriate resources, see Usage link to the left.

Last updated on July 16th, 2008

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