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Arj project is an open source version of the arj archiver.




Arj project is an open source version of the arj archiver. This version has been created with the intent to preserve maximum compatibility and retain the feature set of original ARJ archiver as provided by ARJ Software, Inc.


UNIX-like systems and OS/2 EMX

To build the source code on a UNIX-like operating system, do this (assuming you've already changed into directory that contains the source):

cd gnu;autoconf;./configure;cd ..;make prepare;make


1. GNU make must be used (on FreeBSD systems it's called "gmake").
2. You have to run autoconf prior to running configure - as there will be different configure scripts for UNIX-like systems and OS/2 EMX.
3. On OS/2 EMX, autoconf v 2.57 is confirmed to work.
4. You can finalize the build process with "make install" (to perform a local installation) or "make package" (to create a self-extracting distribution kit).

ARJ is a CPU-intensive program. If you wish to configure ARJ for a higher performance on a specific CPU, try the following, assuming that you have a newer version of GCC, e.g. 3.2.1:

./configure CFLAGS="-march=i386 -mcpu=athlon-xp"

where "-mcpu" designates the type of your CPU, run "man gcc" for a list of CPU types.
Last updated on May 10th, 2006

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