phpCUBEv4 1.0

Licensing module for CubeCart v4.3.0

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phpCUBEv4 is a module for CubeCart v4.3.1 that allows you to license your own web applications and therefore restrict their use according to your licensing agreements.

The phpCUBEv4 module supports two methods of licensing - local & remote. The remote checks are where your product "calls home" to your CubeCart installation to validate the license. In the event that it is unable to do that, either due to your server being down or a firewall blocking the connection, it falls back to the local key licensing method which is a time limited encrypted key stored on the users server for use in the event of a remote check failure. This local key is updated every time a remote check is successful and ensures that your clients won't be locked out of your software should your server be down temporarily for any reason.

You can license as many different applications as you want with the phpCUBEv4. There are no limits on either the number of clients you can have or licenses you can issue.

The phpCUBEv4 module allows your customers to view License Key in Account -> Order History instantly after payment received.

Admin Features:

1. View license in Orders
2. View all licenses in Licenses Manager
3. Suspend or UnSuspend License in Licenses Manager

License Type:

Monthly Lease

Monthly license. Can be installed on one domain
$9.95 Monthly

Owned License

Lifetime license. Can be installed on one domain
$49.95 One Time

15 day moneyback guarantee.

Last updated on April 13th, 2009

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