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myPMS is a free password management application.




myPMS is a free password management application which will require you to remember only one password making the management of your important passwords simple.

myPMS is a web-based password management application which means it can be accessed from anywhere. It uses simple HTML, PHP and a MySQL database to store your passwords.

Here are some key features of "myPMS":

Search by host name or drop-down list
Capability to store application and host associated with password
Date inserted stored
Who inserted or updated password stored
Unlimited password history
"Invisible" password until mouse curser hovers over password
Fade to blank page after 60 seconds for additional security
Database creation using simple MySQL batch file
HTTPS (SSL) capability if you require


A web server such as Apache with PHP module (any version)
SSL module if you wish to run application using HTTPS (optional)
MySQL database (any version)

What's New in This Release:

This release changes the way it parses the QUERY_STRING in the Delete option of the application so that you can set the PHP directive register_argc_argv to OFF.
This directive is OFF by default in recent versions of PHP.
Last updated on October 28th, 2005

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