gpgwrap 0.04

gpgwrap is a wrapper for gpg and its --passphrase-fd option.
gpgwrap project is a wrapper for gpg and its --passphrase-fd option.


gpgwrap -V

gpgwrap -P [-v] [-i] [-a] [-p < file >]

gpgwrap -F [-v] [-i] [-a] [-c] [-p < file >] [-o < name >] [--] < file > [< file > ... ]

gpgwrap [-v] [-i] [-a] [-p < file >] [-o < name >] [--] gpg [gpg options]


There is a size limitation: the passphrase should be not larger than some kilobytes (examine the source code for the exact limit).
gpgwrap allows you to use all characters in a passphrase even 00, but this does not mean that gpg will accept it. gpg may reject your passphrase or may only read a part of it, if it contains characters like 12 (in C also known as n).
If you set the environment variable GPGWRAP_PASSPHRASE you should take special care with the backslash character, because gpgwrap uses backslash to escape octal numbers, (see option -F). Therefore write backslash itself as octal number: 134.

What's New in This Release:

In previous versions, the --passphrase-fd option was appended after --homedir < arg > or --options < arg >.
Now, --homedir=< arg > and --options=< arg > should also be handled correctly.

last updated on:
September 7th, 2006, 14:10 GMT
developed by:
Karsten Scheibler
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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