chilli_applet 1.1

chilli_applet is a script which creates an applet within your GNOME panel.
chilli_applet project is a script which creates an applet within your GNOME panel. The applet shows the status of the smoothwall with a smiley :) or a sad :( face. When you click on it with the left mouse button it pops up a window showing the uptime and allowing you to Connect, Disconnect or open your web browser to the smoothwall status page (these actions are performed using chilli_control, above).

For popping up the window it requires my other program, pgrompt. The popup window is a bit superfluous because there are also menu options for doing the same things in the applet's right click m enu. If you don't want the popup window, you don't need pgprompt.

You can easily edit what the applet shows if you don't like the smiley.

Note that although this is an applet, it doesn't get restarted automatically - you'll need to make sure it gets run when you log in. It's position in your panel should be remembered fine though.

Because the applet uses the perl-GTK (or Gtk-Perl?) perl modules, you will will need to get them too.

last updated on:
February 26th, 2007, 16:14 GMT
developed by:
Chris S.
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Security
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