Z1 Backbone Of Trust CertServer 2.5

The Market-Proven "Z1 SecureMail Solutions" for E-Mail Encryption and Signature

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What's new in Z1 Backbone Of Trust CertServer 2.5:

  • This release introduces the new feature "z1-ldapinterface", which provides an LDAP interface to Z1 Backbone CertServer.
  • The interface works as a separate process and provides a fully featured LDAP service, which delegates all requests for X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys to the CertServer.
  • The Certificate Search page has been improved.
  • Now the filter is split into a simple and an advanced filter.
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Z1 Backbone Of Trust CertServer is a database, which centralises and automates the verification and administration of external certificates. Instead of burdening each individual user with these tasks, Chief Security Officers, IT-Security-Manager etc. all certificate administration is server-based.

Functions of the Z1 Backbone CertServer

The Z1 Backbone CertServer automatically carries out complex PKI functions like retrieval, verification and administration of X.509 certificates & OpenPGP keys. This is always carried out in the background.

The use of a PKI is dramatically simplified for the user and becomes more cost-efficient for the company than if it had to be done manually.

Applications of the Z1 Backbone CertServer

Z1 Backbone CertServer saves external X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys and makes them available for users and applications. It also adapts itself depending on the task, e.g.:

 * using e-mail gateways for processing secure e-mails.
 * connecting PKI supported applications e.g. Z1 FileProtector.
 * using a Z1 Backbone CertServer as a service through an Application Service Provider (ASP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).
 * using a Z1 Backbone CertServer by several branches within an organisation.
 * mobile employees can use Z1 Backbone CertServer Clients and access the company Z1 Backbone CertServer irrespective of location.

WebClient for external e-mail users

Integrate the Z1 Backbone CertServer User Web Client in your homepage in order to give your employees and external business partners the ability to easily find and verify certificates.

Product details: Z1 Backbone CertServer...

 * is a central database that saves and administers external X.509 certificates and PGP keys.
 * provides users and applications with X.509 certificates and PGP keys.
 * unburdens users of having to use asymmetrical cryptography for encryption and digital signature. For example, with e-mail protection, it is tied to arbitrary external trust centres such as Verisign, SignTrust, TC TrustCenter/Cybertrust or Thawte.
 * accesses LDAP accounts and certificate revocation lists (CRL) from the trust centre or uses verification services through OCSP (Online Service Status Protocol).
 * automatically checks the validity of X.509 certificates from trust centres.
 * automatically imports the X.509 certificates and PGP keys of your business partners, customers and employees.
 * is manually operated by users and their business partners over a web-front-end: search, check and integrate certificates and more.
 * turns e-business systems or web applications, using an interface (Z1 Backbone CertServer API), into "PKI enabled applications" (PKA).
 * is now available with Z1 Backbone CertServer API as Java Class Library and also as C++ Library.
 * communicates with Z1 Backbone CertServer clients over SOAP calls (Simple Object Access Protocol). This XML-based protocol for communication between applications is secured using HTTPS.

The advantages to you: Z1 Backbone CertServer...

 * relieves users of tasks like the acquisition and verification of certificates.
 * creates a standardised security level for all users and applications through its centralisation.
 * dramatically reduces the complexity of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
 * reduces administration and PKI costs.
 * enables users to more easily use digital signatures und encryption.
 * automates the whole process meaning a higher level of security is achieved.
 * requires no or little contact with Z1 Backbone CertServer Clients because it is server-based.
 * solves the problem of securely sending your own CA certificates to business partners as well as complex cross-certification.
 * is available over a documented interface (API). Software developers and integrators can access the central certificate database with your security applications. The applications are considerably smaller and can be installed more quickly.

Note: The use of a PKI with Z1 Backbone CertServer makes it economical for many organisations for the first time.

Last updated on April 27th, 2011

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