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A NEW encryption algorithm, not written by an expert, nor significantly peer-reviewed





TinyCrypt is a NEW encryption algorithm, not written by an expert, nor significantly peer-reviewed. For protecting critical data, please consider alternatives until TinyCrypt is proven.

That said, if you're just having fun, or have data that is more easily stolen while you're away from your computer having lunch, feel free to continue...

The point of TinyCrypt is to both compress and encrypt your file VERY quickly... faster than your computer can read and write the file. It's compression is based on the super-fast LZO compression library.

TinyCrypt is meant to be simple, fast, and secure. By secure, we mean secure enough for typical commercial use, not TOP SECRET documents. The core encryption file is only 59 lines of code. The core function within this file is 14 lines, including comment header. Feel free to read through it to get familiar with it. It's very simple, and very fast. The SimpleCrypt utility (included with TinyCrypt) uses just this encryption code to protect data.

TinyCrypt attempts to insure high security, using the ultra-fast SimpleCrypt hashing algorithm plus extra steps: First, it compresses the data using the fast LZO compression library. Then, it diffuses the data and obfuscates it using a 256-byte random key and the SimpleCrypt algorithm.

The random key is then prepended to the obfuscated data for later use in decrypting. Finally the obfuscated data is re-encrypted using the user's key and the SimpleCrypt algorithm. This approach deflects know-plaintext attacks, reduces the encrypted file size, and is still blazing fast.
Last updated on July 25th, 2011

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