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Tiger Envelopes is an easy way to get your email privacy back.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Tiger Privacy
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Tiger EnvelopesTiger EnvelopesTiger Envelopes
Tiger Envelopes is an easy way to get your email privacy back.

With Tiger Envelopes you use email just like you always have with everyone. And, without you doing anything, your messages are private with people who use envelopes.

The mission of Tiger Envelopes is to make private email easy.

There's a tradeoff between ease of use and security. For too many years some security professionals have said any privacy that's not perfect is worse than worthless. They say it creates a false sense of security.

No one has a false sense of security about envelopes. They're made of paper. But we know they're much more private than messages without envelopes, such as postcards or email.

Tiger gives you envelopes for your email.

Envelopes comes in two versions, Free and Business.

Tiger Free Envelopes is free in both senses, gratis and libre. It is released under the GPL.

Tiger Business Envelopes is commercial. It's based on Tiger Free Envelopes and adds support plus advanced features businesses need. Source code is included for security audits, but it's not GPL.

What's New in This Release:

Improved imap support for Thunderbird.
Start Envelopes from the installer during new installations more reliably.
Change welcome email message to "what to do" message.
Save options if installer canceled and options changed.
Shortened the message in the installer's final panel.
Include how to start the control panel on Linux.
Removed welcome message from control panel.
Fixed net.n3.nanoxml.StdXMLParser so searches for dtd in jar files when offline.
Called closeSession() if user, password, or remote host invalid.
Improved error messages if remote host not found.
Ignore files starting with . in the notices directory.
Created ProxyUser class to manage client and remote user data in proxies.
Removed thirdparty source that we haven't customized.
Added thirdparty/lib directory with unmodified third party jar files.
Added setChanged() to envelopes.io classes.
Delete email accounts from options after they're anonymized.
Send notice if Tiger account not defined for a POP3 account.
Send error message to mail client if POP3 command invalid.
Validate POP3, IMAP, and SMTP commands from mail client.
Send 252 response code when VRFY requested of SMTP proxy.
Send 550 response code when EXPN received by SMTP proxy.

Last updated on June 11th, 2007

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