SoftlabsAV 0.9.2

Simple and efficient virus protection at the incoming mail server

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What's new in SoftlabsAV 0.9.2:

  • clamscan 0.94 supported. Instead of "--no-phishing-restrictedscan" clamscan will now be called with "--phishing-cloak --phishing-ssl" to support the av_PHISH_ALL setting.
  • ClamAV's clamscan is now required in version 0.91 or higher.
  • Many improvements to the 'clamscan.cron' shell script.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Robert Allerstorfer
ROOT \ Security
SoftlabsAV stands for Softlabs AntiVirus and is a generic anti-virus filter for incoming mail servers on Unix. It is driven by the widely used procmail Mail Delivery Agent (MDA). In addition, it plugs to the ClamAV anti-virus scanner (clamscan) and scans for viruses, PUAs, phishings and possible phishings.

SoftlabsAV has been designed with security, efficiency and simplicity in mind. It is fast, tiny and easy to install. And, it is free and open source software.

A set of procmail recipes isolates mails with an attached potential virus into a quarantine directory. Directly infectious attachments as well as packed viruses (UU encoded or inside a Zip or Rar archive, including encrypted ones) will all be detected. Both "Base64" and "Quoted-Printable" Transfer-Encodings are supported. Encoded file names are also supported.

Suspicious attachments will be classified and extracted into directories representing its virus type. Finally, ClamAV will scan the attachment to prove if it is in fact a virus. In addition, potential malicious mails that do not necessarily have an attachment (such as HTML mails) will also be scanned (as raw mbox file). Per default, ClamAV will scan each entire mail as mbox file if it could not identify a virus within an attachment or if no potential malicious content has been unveiled.

The results are maintained within a handy viruses log file.

Last updated on October 8th, 2008

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