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A simple keylogger written in Python





Simple Python Keylogger (PyKeylogger) is a simple keylogger written in Python.

I threw it together one day after not being able to find a simple and trustworthy (as measured by the availability of source code) keylogger for windows, and it sort of snowballed from there. It is currently available for Windows (NT/2000 and up), and Linux (using Xlib, so won't work on the console).

It is primarily designed for personal backup purposes, rather than stealth keylogging. Thus, it does not make explicit attempts to hide its presence from the operating system or the user. That said, the only way it is visible is that the process name shows up in the task list, so it is not immediately apparent that there is a keylogger on the system. However, since it also makes periodic writes to disk, and since it openly hooks well-known windows APIs (SetWindowsHookEx), any keylogger detector worth its salt will be able to sniff it out. So basically, it doesn't exactly advertise itself, but doesn't hide itself either.

The main goal is to create a "universal backup solution" for everything you type. We have all at one time or another accidentally closed that word or notepad file without saving. We have all lost form data on the web after it failed to submit properly. Not even mentioning the ever-present threat of computer crash. PyKeylogger logs everything you type, so you can recover the text of anything you type in any application. Simple and elegant, don't you think?

Since PyKeylogger is available as a simple python source file (well, a few simple source files), there are no trust issues with using it - you can just look at the source yourself and make sure that it does exactly what you need it to, and nothing more. (Especially not sending your info to someone else without your knowledge.)
Last updated on June 30th, 2009

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