Scrambled-Egg 0.4

Encrypt your message with ease
With Scrambled-Egg you can easily encrypt your messages using AES, Blowfish, CAST, or DES3, then encode the result in a printable form, using Base64, HEX, Quopri, string escape, or UU.

For example, the message "look behind the old desk", crypted with AES, with password "acorn1955" would become:

 * GAYic8DgN23tf/fN6UXUlETNNJENbNyi8tRjpsyVkJs= (in Base64)
 * 18062273c0e0376ded7ff7cde945d49444cd34910d6cdca2f2d463a6cc95909b (in HEX)
 * =18=06"s=C0=E07m=ED=7F=F7=CD=E9E=D4=94D=CD4=91\nl=DC=A2=F2=D4c=A6=CC=95=90=\n=9B (Quopri)
 * \x18\x06"s\xc0\xe07m\xed\x7f\xf7\xcd\xe9E\xd4\x94D\xcd4\x91\rl\xdc\xa2\xf2\xd4c\xa6\xcc\x95\x90\x9b (with string escape)

It's impossible for someone to decrypt the message, unless it knows, or guesses your password.

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last updated on:
June 20th, 2011, 8:32 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Cristi Constantin
ROOT \ Security
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What's New in This Release:
  • password enhancement. The key is derived from original password (using PBKDF2) making the encryption much stronger, even with short passwords;
  • added Json encoding and RSA encryption;
  • few bug fixes and a lot of GUI improvements, including drag & drop text in the left area, a HELP button, etc;
  • There are a lot of improvements, but backwards incompatible, that means you cannot decrypt text encrypted with Scrambled-Egg version 0.3.
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