SafeSquid Composite Edition 4.2.2 / RC

An antivirus and content filtering proxy server.
SafeSquid Composite Edition
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SafeSquid is an antivirus and content filtering proxy server. The project has many advanced features such as URL blacklists, bandwidth management, regular expression substitution on Website content and requested URLs, ICP and CARP support for interoperating with other proxy servers, configuration synchronization to

Main features:

  • STOP Getting lured by fraudulent web-links to visit pornographic sites,
  • BLOCK Advertisement pop-ups that drive you crazy,
  • PREVENT Employees from wasting business-hours and resources on needless downloads,
  • PREVENT Computers from getting infected with viruses / Trojan by a visit to innocent looking web-sites
  • AVOID losing precious hours trying to implement - optimal and clean Internet access for all your users
  • A complete HTTP / FTP Internet Proxy
  • Supports Request Forwarding to and from your other favourite proxies like Squid or from behind Firewalls.
  • An Intuitive Browser based GUI
  • HTTP and FTP content caching, to use your Internet bandwidth more efficiently.
  • NTLM and Basic authentication when forwarding through another proxy server.
  • Supports PAM and any other External Authentication software for allowing Internet Access.
  • Sophisticated URL blacklisting & whitelisting
  • Content substitution in downloaded files and HTTP headers, & requested URL's.
  • Extensive debugging capabilitites to analyse web-requests and responses.
  • Banner and popup blocking,
  • Increases Privacy by letting you control cookies
  • Virus scanning of all HTTP content (both request and response),
  • User / IP based Bandwidth Limiting.

last updated on:
March 18th, 2012, 1:05 GMT
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Office Efficiencies India Priv
ROOT \ Security
SafeSquid Composite Edition

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What's New in version 4.2.2 RC9.3
  • SafeSquid now allows complete tcp tuning.
  • The performance of SafeSquid like any server-side web-application can be impacted by TCP parameters like Keepalive, Receive Buffers & Send Buffers.
  • The life of CLOSE_WAIT sockets depends upon the Keepalive parameters, whereas the Send / Receive Buffers can greatly impact the throughput and speed.
  • The prior releases of SafeSquid required these parameters to be very carefully set (for the performance conscious), via sysctl, and obviously required a system-wide impact.
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