SafeGuard LM 3

Software Copy Protection for your C/C++, Java, Python applications

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What's new in SafeGuard LM 3:

  • We have released our new version 3 of SafeGuard LM which includes floating license support. With the new network license manager, developers can sell their software on a per-seat basis and serve up the licenses on a single machine, a network or over the Internet.
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Persistent Security
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Safeguard Protection for your C/C++, Java, Python applications running on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Solaris and Ubuntu.

Full feature based licenses with version control. Lockable to several ID types such as the MAC address, Volume Serial Number, Hostname, Username, Country code, Mac OS X Serial number in addition to your own vendor hostid which can be anything you choose.

There are two Java applications included. The first is SafeGuardUser which is for the end-user to obtain the desired ID and to manage their licenses by being able to add, remove, test and display their current license configuration. The second application is SafeGuardManager which you use to generate your customer licenses and keep track of your customer database including company and contact information.

The software developer kit includes all the functionality of both these applications so you can easily imbed this functionality into your own existing customer database and installation programs.

Last updated on July 25th, 2011

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