SES Super-Encypherment Scrambler

3.4.0 Alpha GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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This project provides a super-encypherment scrambler command-line and cross-plaform application





SES Super-Encypherment Scrambler is an open source command-line software that brings back the uncrackable onetime pad, with a digital twist. The Vigenere square combined with a random letter key of message-length is the only cipher type which is provably unbreakable.

For total one-on-one privacy, SES traverses several levels en route to its output. The more words in your keyphrase, the more layers of encipherment SES applies. It is part Vigenere, part onetime pad, part cryptographic hash, not to mention the scrambler element.

SES is a symmetric-key encryption system. It uses the same secret key to encode and decode a message. To send a secret message, just paste the ciphertext generated by SES into an e-mail. To receive one, simply run the ciphertext through SES with the -d option. Both sender and recipient must know the key.

A Keccak (SHA-3) ciphertext-hash IV brings both avalanche and diffusion, along with an OTP-enciphered shell protecting the core encryption, amounting to at least five super-encipherments for any plaintext. SES is onion-like.
Last updated on September 11th, 2013
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