Provisioner 1.0.18

Identity and service provisioning

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What's new in Provisioner 1.0.18:

  • Implemented localization (i.e. I8n). martin-m
  • Implemented LDAP adapter. Now Provisioner is able to send provisioning requests to LDAP based identity stores. g_pearson
  • Fixed problem with the parameter that set the maximum amount of threads to run. Fixes 1812548 . gespert
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Gonzalo Espert
ROOT \ Security
Provisioner is a free (GPL licensed) software component aimed at reducing user's identity and service provisioning costs and complexity in heterogeneous computing environments.

Identity and service provisioning is a concept that drives automation, especially in terms of providing fulfillment to customers of internet, application and telecommunication service providers (i.e. ISPs, ASPs, TSPs).

At the heart of the provisioning software component is a collection of features required to create, delete, suspend, restore, change and reconcile accounts and/or service subscriptions. As the number of people accessing applications and data increases, attempting to track who has access to what becomes ever more complex.

The process of managing these access rights can function as a business enabler or business road-block. Unfortunately, most enterprises are discovering that their existing paper-based procedures, requiring intensive manual involvement, are road-blocks.

Provisioner can be thought as a building block service that provides low-level capabilities that can be consumed by developers when building a composite application and it can also be thought as an attached service that applications leverage to add functionality.

Last updated on October 22nd, 2008

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