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Password Gorilla is a password manager that stores your login information.





Password Gorilla is a password manager that stores your login information, sorted by groups, in a blowfish-encrypted file, protected by a master password.

Many internet services require you to "log in." You choose a user name and a password, in combination called a "login," that authenticate you to the service.

Over time, managing a plethora of logins becomes near impossible. Few people can remember more than a handful of passwords. This inevitably leads to either a proverbial yellow sticker on your desk, with all the passwords written down, or to the reuse of the same few passwords over and over again. Neither approach is very secure. In the first case, a co-worker could spy on your passwords, in the second, if an attacker manages to guess or intercept your passwords, many of the services you use can be accessed.

Adding to the confusion is the multitude of password policies that different services enforce. E.g., some services require passwords to contain mixed case and non-alphabetic characters, or to be shorter or longer than a certain number of characters. Other services require you to change passwords every month, quarter, or year.

What's New in This Release:

· Add support for Password Safe 3 file format.
· Add "Find".
· Hide main window when coming up and asking to open a file.
· Bugfix: fixed alphabetical ordering of entries in nested subgroups.
· Improved seed for initializing the pseudo-random number generator.
· Bring Password Gorilla window to the foreground after unlocking.
· Allow closing a locked database using the "X" button.
· Bugfix: fix handling of a database file name on the command line. (Reported by Rudolf Mühlbauer.)
Last updated on July 6th, 2006
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