Password Drill 0.1 / 0.1.1 Beta

Password Drill is a tool that lets an user to make use of passwords of ideal complexity and obscurity without writing them down.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Joshua Pettett
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Password DrillPassword Drill
Password Drill is a tool enables a user to make use of passwords of ideal complexity and obscurity without being temped to write them down. By combining practically unbreakable cryptography with easy flashcard-style review, pwdrill reinforces and confirms a user's memory of passwords without becoming a security liability itself.

WARNING: Pwdrill's security is only effective if used properly. Please see the 'doc/Security' file before using, especially if you are not a computer security professional.

What's New in 0.1 Stable Release:

Bump to stable version 0.1! Includes tweaks to documentation and newlines at the end of all files.

What's New in 0.1.1 Beta Development Release:, doc/Usage,, Try to use sha1sum on systems without Digest::SHA1.
Very roundabout method used; may not be worth it in the long run.
TODO, doc/Usage,, Do more comprehensive detection for default drill file location in order to work with a wider range of operating systems.
TODO, doc/Usage, Prefer use of Term::ReadKey for terminal echo settings, with stty used as an alternative.
TODO, doc/Usage, Randomize drill item order at drill time to prevent user from developing "false

Last updated on October 18th, 2007

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