P11SCD 0.8

P11SCD project implements a replacement for the smart-card daemon.
P11SCD project implements a replacement for the smart-card daemon (scd) shipped with GnuPG in order to make full use of PKCS#11 tokens.

While not yet full drop-in replacement, the daemon is already capable of examining the card contents, signig and decryption, and works with gpgsm.


1. You need to have PKCS#11 headers installed in your standard compiler search path. They can be obtained from the RSA's site.
2. Available PKCS#11 drivers for your smart-card. On Linux, the drivers from the MUSCLE project can be used for some cards (Cryptoflex and Cyberflex with the MUSCLE applet).
3. Apply the patch to the unpacked GPG distribution: cd gnupg-1.4 (directory name depends on the version you have) patch -p1 < gpg-p11.patch
4. Execute the configure script as usual.
5. Edit the generated config.h file and uncomment the line reading /* #define HAVE_PKCS11 */ to read #define HAVE_PKCS11
6. Compile and install the source as usual.

last updated on:
September 19th, 2006, 17:03 GMT
developed by:
Zeljko Vrba
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
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