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NullBound Malware Prevention System is an enterprise level anti-spyware solution that is capable of protecting thousands of PCs.




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NullBound Malware Prevention System project is an enterprise level anti-spyware solution that is capable of protecting thousands of PCs with a single installation.

The system runs passively on the network which allows for no integration changes or downtime.

Our technology allows you to protect an entire enterprise network by simply plugging in a computer. No end-user software, no proxy servers. It's that simple.

The NullBound Malware Prevention System utilizes advanced filtering seen nowhere else. We can not only detect, but completely block spyware from entering your network while only watching the traffic. This is the way it was designed, this is the way it works best.

Malware Detection

Our solution attacks the malware threat from the network level. It has an advanced method of being able to analyze real-time web traffic and compare it to an extensive database to detect malware. If an alert is triggered the connection between the client and the offending host is severed immediately, all while being transparent to the end user. Not
only is it capable of stopping malware from known black-listed sites, it is capable of stopping malware from unknown sites. This alone makes it more valuable than any black-list available.

Complete Transparency

Our unique solution does not just simply
block known offending websites. Instead we specifically look for the malware itself. This form of detection has many major benefits. Even when browsing unknown websites, the malware is still unable to be transferred onto the end users system. The user is completely

Network Integration

Integrating new solutions into existing
networks can be a cumbersome task. Our
technology is like no other available in the market. With it we take network integration to a new level, being able to not only detect but to block malware while only “watching” the network traffic. Your existing network and traffic flow does not have to be proxied, passed through, filtered, firewalled, routed or impeded on in any way. Because of this it can not impede on network performance and can not be a point of failure.

Real World Success

Our real world testing has shown outstanding results, blocking 98% of malware before it ever reaches the end user. With our incredible transparency, end users are not even aware of the malware being blocked.
Last updated on April 4th, 2007
NullBound Malware Prevention SystemNullBound Malware Prevention SystemNullBound Malware Prevention System

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