NessusWC 1.2.2

NessusWC is a new client written from scratch as a web frontend to a Nessus Daemon.
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NessusWC is a new client written from scratch as a web frontend to a Nessus Daemon.

Nessus is a free security vulnerability scanner.

Design Goals:

- Create a Nessus Client software package that can be compiled and installed independently of Nessus.

- The web interface should rely purely on CGI technology and be as simple and robust as possible.


OpenSSL library and headers
libcgi library and headers


Apart from the Makefiles in the root and src/ dirextories,
check the file nessuswc.h in the src/ directory. the upper
section can be configured to set the URL location and the
default nessus login parameters.


NessusWC depends on the OpenSSL libraries and on libcgic

Common compilation problems are:

Installing libcgic or openssl libraries in a nonstandard path
and/or not setting /etc/ and running ldconfig.

You can work around it by setting the path to the includes/libs
explicit in the Makefile by adding the -I< /path/to/includes >
and -L< path/to/libs > to the compiler options.


Add the cgi path to the webservers configuration, i.e. for apache 1.3 add a line like this to httpd.conf:

ScriptAlias /nessuswc/cgi-bin/ "/var/apache/htdocs/nessuswc/cgi-bin/"

The software is compiled with a "default" nessus server IP, port and nessus user using client certificate authentication.
Create the user on the nessus server using < nessus-home >/bin/
nessus-mkcert-client. Copy the generated client certificate
to the < nessuswc-home >/etc directory and make it readable to the webserver.

Also, you'll need to create a < nessuswc-home >/results directory that is writeable by the webserver. A detailled description can be found in INSTALL.

What's New in This Release:

Correct error handling was implemented for when the Nessus server plugin list exhausts the maximum number of plugins defined in NessusWC.
The MAXPLUGS default value was raised from 20000 to 40000.
This was noticed when the plugin count reached 20667.

last updated on:
March 20th, 2008, 12:57 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Security
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