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A web-based application that allows users to easily manage SSH (Secure Shell) sessions
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KeyBox is an open source, free and web-based application written in Java and engineered in such a way that it provides users with an easy-to-use solution for managing multiple systems at the same time, as well as to execute commands.

Features at a glance

Key features include the ability to share terminal commands, upload files to multiple systems simultaneously, as well as to run commands on a single system or multiple systems.

In addition, the application allows users to add additional system administrators, audit terminal history and sessions for system admins, and manage and distribute defined and setup public keys.

How to use KeyBox

Using KeyBox is quite easy, as you only have to download the binary archive, extract it and execute the server using the ./ command. Open your favorite web browser, point it to https://:8443 and log in using the “admin” username and the “changeme” password (without quotes).

Once logged in, you’ll have to create systems and profiles, than you will need to assign systems to profiles and profiles to users. At this point, users can login and create sessions on the assigned systems. Then, start a composite SSH session, add extra public keys to systems and audit session history.

Under the hood and availability

The application is written entirely in the Java programming language and requires Java JDK 1.7 or later, a *nix box with OpenSSH version 2 and a Web Socket-enabled web browser. It can be downloaded as binary or source archives.

Bottom line

All in all, KeyBox is yet another great tool from the genius mind of Sean Kavanagh. It is a SSH (Secure Shell) console that runs in a web browser and allow anyone to administer multiple machines simultaneously and execute commands with minimum effort and without paying a dime.

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license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
developed by:
Sean Kavanagh
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What's New in This Release:
  • Modifed to allow users to add their own public SSH keys (closes #23).
  • Added task to refresh keys on systems based on interval defined in properties.
  • Modified to use a generic auth fail message.
  • Fixed close buttons for dialogs on terminal screen.
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8 Screenshots
KeyBox - ...and edit system information, such as display name, system user, host, port and authorized keysKeyBox - Distributing authorized key for systemsKeyBoxKeyBoxKeyBoxKeyBoxKeyBox

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KeyBox is a completely free and open source software project that runs in a web browser and allows anyone to effortles...

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