F-Secure Policy Manager

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F-Secure Policy Manager application allows any system administrator to manage all the critical security applications from antivirus protection to file and network encryption from one single console. The project is now available for Windows and Linux platf

Todays's challenges:

How are the data security applications managed in your company? Does your system administrator use vast amount of time to install, configure, and update the security software? Would you and your system administrator need more information on security incidents in your network?

The solution:

F-Secure Policy Manager offers an easy and scalable way to deploy security applications, define and deploy security policies, and monitor security to ensure compliance with corporate security policies. With F-Secure Policy Manager, corporate IT administrators can manage not only antivirus solutions, but also all critical network and content security solutions on all tiers of the network.

Here are some key features of "F Secure Policy Manager":

Centralized Management
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Scalable Management
Fast Policy Management
Lock-Down of Client Settings
Extensive Graphical Reporting
Easy Adding of Clients
Support for F-Secure DeepGuard and F-Secure BlackLight
New efficient database update technology

Supported Platforms and Languages:


F-Secure Policy Manager 7.x
F-Secure Policy Manager Console
F-Secure Policy Manager Server
F-Secure Policy Manager Web Reporting
F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy
Windows Server 2000/2003 (XP, only console)
F-Secure Policy Manager for Linux 7.x
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
SuSE Linux 9
SuSe Linux 10
SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 9
Debian GNU Linux Sarge 3.1




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Last updated on January 20th, 2012
F-Secure Policy Manager

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F-Secure Policy Manager application allows any system administrator to manage all the critical security applications.


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