EMP 6.03

EMP Enterprise Anti spam Filter installs easily on your server and stops the deluge of spam.

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J.A. Korsmeyer
ROOT \ Security
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EMP Enterprise Anti spam Filter installs easily on your server and stops the deluge of spam. Imagine your day without pornography, stock solicitations, pills, email-borne viruses and other objectionable content.

Spammers are now building and using tools that munge (or cloak) the text of UCE messages, making it impossible for most spam blockers to detect the trigger words they depend upon to identify the message as spam.

The majority of anti-spam software (with the exception of EMP) currently on the market, use keyword or trigger-word lists to identify and filter undesirable messages. By munging the text and hiding the existence of these keywords, spam passes through keyword filters undetected.

Extensible Messaging Platform uses contextual pattern signatures (not simple word/phrase lists) and will identify and stop spam which has been cloaked in this manner.

EMP 6 is not fooled by these cloaking techniques. In fact, because of EMP's use of pattern signatures to detect spam, EMP actually zero's in and identifies the unique patterns these techniques generate, to stop spam cold. So, the more spammers depend upon these techniques to hide spam from our competition, the more easily EMP identifies the email as spam.

Here are some key features of "EMP":


· Cross platform protection - built on Sun's Java 5 Server JVM
· Stress tested at high message throughput levels
· System resource-friendly operation
· Integrated J2EE compliant JSP web server.
· Integrated high-performance SQL database engine
· myEMP user interface easily embeds within Microsoft Outlook, while still providing complete safety, by maintaining true quarantined message isolation.


· Rejects messages immediately from known spammers, virus compromised Windows clients, 'low-flying' spam, relay attempts, heuristics failure, spammer baiting address...
· Pattern based filtering - demonstrably superior to the outdated keyword/bayesian paradigm
· Multi-stage waterfall screening
· Complete customer access to CPE2 pattern engine
· Designate unique message disposition per pattern (quarantine,reroute,delete,reject,markAsSpam)


· Simultaneous admin + end-user quarantined message processing
· True protective quarantined message isolation


· Unique pattern-driven contextual white listing by administrators
· End-user personal "friends & family" whitelisting


· Performance analysis charts & graphs


· 14-day trial

Last updated on June 5th, 2007

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