Data Digester 1.6.6 Build 823

A user-friendly software to generate various types of checksums or OpenPGP signatures

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What's new in Data Digester 1.6.6 Build 823:

  • OpenPGP Signatures And Intermediate Digests:
  • Until version 1.6.5 the Data Digester software miscalculated OpenPGP signatures if XML files including intermediate digests had been generated simultaneously. The data blocks where the intermediate digests were generated were ignored for signature calculation.
  • The OpenPGP signatures generated with Data Digester until version 1.6.5 must be recalculated if the signatures were generated under the conditions described above.
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2 Data Digester Screenshots:
Data Digester - An overview of the Data Digester application, running on the openSUSE Linux OSData Digester - The main window, where users can generate checksums and OpenPGP signatures
Data Digester is a commercial graphical application written in the Java programming language and designed as a fully integrated solution for message digests (aka checksums) and OpenPGP signatures.

With Data Digester users will be able to create checksum and signature files for arbitrary files, check their own files for errors and manipulation at anytime, secure data exchange with customers and inhouse, and get the required features at minimal costs choosing one of the available editions.

At the moment, the Data Digester is available for download or purchase in the following editions: Data Digester Basic, Data Digester Standard and Data Digester Enterprise.

Being written in Java, Data Digester is a platform-independent application that supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Last updated on July 26th, 2013


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