CryptoPadSplicer 0.4.2

CryptoPadSplicer is a conduit for a cryptographic MemoPad replacement application for CryptoPad.
CryptoPadSplicer is a conduit for a cryptographic MemoPad replacement application for the Palm computing platform called CryptoPad. This project is open source software released under the GPL license.


You need gcc and a recent version of pilot-link with header files installed
(you might need to adjust your include and link paths in the Makefile). A


and an optional (as root)

make install

should do the rest. CryptoPadSplicer was developed under Linux, it might
work under other OSs. If you had to change something to get it to work
please send me a comment.


The -h flag will give you a short help.

If you start the program without options it will connect to the Palm, retrieve the CryptoPad entries, ask for their password if they are encrypted (if the following entries are encrypted with the same password it won't ask again - it had the "global password" feature before CryptoPad), and save them in a directory (the name of the entry is it's title, the name of the directory is the category the entry is in).

With the -d flag you can specify a directory into which all the categories and entries will be put. The -l flag will list all entries with their index number, category, name, size (on the palm, the file on the PC will be smaller because it does not contain the title) and if they are encrypted. You can get a single entry by specifying it's index number with -g. The -f flag will allow you to use a database you already have on disk (from a backup or with pilot-xfer -f). Finally, you can specify the port with -p in case your cradle is not connected to /dev/pilot. You can combine all the flags.

last updated on:
December 5th, 2007, 20:43 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Boris Wesslowski
ROOT \ Security
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