CryptNET Keyserver 0.2.3

CryptNET Keyserver is an effort to develop an openPGP (RFC2440) compliant public keys server.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 19
V. Alex Brennen
ROOT \ Security
CryptNET Keyserver is an effort to develop an openPGP (RFC2440) compliant public keys server which is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

It is written in C, and runs on Linux. It uses PostgreSQL for key storage, and supports the hkp protocol (it can interface with GnuPG and NAI PGP). The keyserver is mostly functional, and there is a link to a running copy on the homepage.

Here are some key features of "CryptNET Keyserver":

openPGP (RFC2440) compatible (version 3 and version 4 packets)
Validate keys packets and subpackets
Tied to free RDBMS (postgreSQL)
Interface with programs through standard keyserver interface
Capable of updating previously stored keys
Key caching
Fully multi-threaded
Fully (cryptographically) validate signatures
Handle signature expiration
Handle key expiration and revocation
Allow users to submit and retrieve keys through web browser
Allow users to submit and retrieve multiple keys as key ring through web browser
Synchronize with other keyservers through HTTP protocol (PKS)

What's New in This Release:

Feature Request Completed: [ 1000332 ] sigalm to prevent cpu throttle (vab)
Feature Request Completed: [ 1192629 ] (Optional) Large File Support (vab)
Fixed Bug: [ 999662 ] Legacy gcc compatibility (pacoje)
Fixed Bug: [ 999656 ] tcpwrappers problems (pacoje)
Fixed Bug: [ 999925 ] cks import problems (vab)
Fixed Bug: [ 969089 ] cks_import skips last pubkey in keyring (vab)
Fixed Bug: [ 999676 ] cks import problems (vab)
Fixed Bug: [ 966767 ] cks_import race condition on import error (vab)
Fixed Bug: [ 969739 ] Valgrind: parse_attribute_sub_packets (vab)
Fixed Bug: [ 969734 ] Valgrind: Memory Violation (vab)
A context was created to handle state information (vab)
sql updates (tab vs. spaces bug in formatting of (vab)
General code clean-up (Function Signature Changes) (vab) removed (Integrated into Autoconf/Automake) (vab)
Fixes to correct most -Wall warnings (vab)
Fix for memory leak in parse.c (vab)
Code to force cksd to exit if it is running with root privileges (vab)
cksd.init rewritten (vab)
Support of storage of pid in /var/run for init system usage (vab)
CGI processing code clean-up (vab)
Creation of etc dir in project root w/ separate Makefile (vab)
Clean-up of HTML pages (vab)
Removal of db2 hooks - no longer have access to the software (vab)
Removal of some out dated documentation (vab)
Fix for potential read_line race condition (vab)
Default user for keyserver changed to "cks" (vab)
Default user for webserver changed to "apache" for Gentoo (vab)
New hook HTML page for Web Of Trust Information (vab)
HTML Layout bug fix in keys.c print_uid: echo_signatures (vab)
SIGPIPE in now ignored. SIGTERM and SIGHUP are now caught (vab)

Last updated on July 30th, 2007

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