Console Password Manager 0.22 Beta

Console Password Manager is a small console tool to manage passwords.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.6/5 18
Harry Brueckner
ROOT \ Security
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Console Password ManagerConsole Password ManagerConsole Password Manager
Console Password Manager is a small console tool to manage passwords and store them public key encrypted in a file - even for more than one person.

The encryption is handled via GnuPG so you can access the programs data via gpg as well, in case you want to have a look inside. The data is stored as XML so it's even possible to reuse the data for some other purpose.

The software uses CDK (ncurses) to handle the user interface, libxml2 to store the information and the library GpgMe to encrypt and decrypt the data securely.

Here are some key features of "Console Password Manager":

datafiles can be encrypted for more than one person (public key encryption)
encryption is handled by the GPGME library so it's supposed to be very secure
data inside the encryption is a gzipped XML file so almost nothing is known about the encrypted data
the application memory is protected from paging
no coredumps are created in case the program crashes
the application is protected from ptrace attacks
the runtime environment is carefully checked
datafiles are en- and decryptable directly by gpg and gzip
data is stored XML formated
backup files are created if possible
data is validated with an internal DTD
several passwords per account are possible
it's possible to handle several datafiles, each encrypted for different people
check of used passwords and warning about weak passwords
user definable hierarchy with unlimited depth
long comments for any node in the hierarchy
password generator
there is only one password visible at a time
searchable database from the commandline
user definable searchpatterns (e.g. user@hostname)
several hits can be displayed at once (e.g. several accounts per host)
conversion scripts for Password Management System (pms), Password Safe and CSV files.

What's New in This Release:

A minor bug with no security effects was fixed.
In the event that the GPG secret key of the user contained a comment, cpm displayed a warning message on program exit.
This should now be fixed.

Last updated on December 21st, 2007

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