Come And Go Encryption 1.02

Come And Go Encryption provides an encryption program based off one-time pads.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Peter Willis
ROOT \ Security
Come And Go Encryption provides an encryption program based off one-time pads.

Cum And Go Encryption is a very basic program to encrypt or decrypt a program using a variant of the one-time pad. This allows for almost uncrackable encryption.

Why is it still crackable? The program uses one relatively small key to XOR the contents of another file, encrypting it.

A one-time pad uses a very large key (about the same size as the file/data to encrypt) and is completely random. Still, the encryption is good enough to mask the identity of a program or document, or stop someone from accessing that document or program.

The origins of this program were an effort to stop a specific kind of movie and image from being viewed normally.

Installing is a breeze: simply run the program. Put it anywhere you like, it won't matter as long as you put the full path to the program to encrypt/decrypt.

Run the program to see a basic description of its use.

This program works very well in windows but was designed for use in Linux/UNIX. The stdout option allows for decryption to standard output, allowing one to pipe the program's decrypted data to another program.

This could be used to view an encrypted movie without having to write the whole movie to disk; the only problem with this is that on some Operating Systems pipes are slow and inefficient, especially with a high-bitrate movie. Steps will be taken to speed this up in the future.

What's New in This Release:

Fix password use so the password is not shown in "encrypted" files
Use an actual encryption method, and not a cheesy XOR
Adapt CAG to use modules such as SHA, Crypt, MD5, and others

Last updated on March 14th, 2007

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