CERTivity KeyStores Manager 2.0

Multi-platform visual tool managing KeyStores, Certificates and digital signing

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What's new in CERTivity KeyStores Manager 1.2:

  • Signing certificates and acting as a testing CA can now be achieved in just two clicks.
  • Trust validation customization, certificate chain editing, viewing CRLs from files, from URLs, or directly from the certificate details, viewing of CSR files, new signature algorithms for Key Pair/CSR and for Secret Key generation, and file type inspection were added.
  • More fingerprints are available in the Certificates Details sections.
  • Quick search was added in the KeyStore panel.
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CERTivity KeyStores ManagerCERTivity KeyStores ManagerCERTivity KeyStores ManagerCERTivity KeyStores ManagerCERTivity KeyStores ManagerCERTivity KeyStores Manager
CERTivity is a powerful pure Java multi-platform visual tool for creating, managing and handling different KeyStore types (such as JKS, PKCS12, JCEKS, the Bouncy Castle types BKS and UBER, or Windows Native), Keys such as Private Keys, Public Keys or Secret Keys in different formats (e. g. PKCS, OpenSSL, using various algorithms - RSA/DSA...), Certificates (version 1 and 3) and Certificates Chains.

CERTivity reveals many features related to KeyStore management and Public Key Infrastructure domain; common actions are exporting/importing KeyPairs, Private/Public Keys and Certificates, import SSL certificates from servers, extend validity period for self-signed certificates, testing given certificates on custom protocols (e.g. raw text such as STARTTLS), obtain revocation status, convert from one KeyStore type to another, change KeyStore or KeyStore entries passwords.

CERTivity also creates and verifies digital signatures on PDF, XML, JAR or CSR files. For PDF signatures it is covering all of the standard SubFilter values "adbe.x509.rsa_sha1", "adbe.pkcs7.detached" and "adbe.pkcs7.sha1", as well as providing rich and "intriguing" information on signature verification. Signatures on XML documents can be used as authentication credentials or as a way to check data integrity. XML signatures can be applied to XML files, HTML pages, binary-encoded data and any XML-encoded data. More than this, CERTivity can verify XML signatures using either the certificates embedded in the signature, or using a specific certificate given by the user. CERTivity also brings up the ability to sign and verify JAR files, which is useful when having to be sure of the integrity of Java archives, and to protect against changes intended to be harmful.

As the features are combined and centralized having an intuitive and productive organization, CERTivity is offering to developers and system administrators, and to all users in general the possibility to maximize productivity.

Last updated on May 13th, 2013


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