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Bob the Butcher project is a distributed password cracker package.




Bob the Butcher project is a distributed password cracker package.

This is ALPHA software, full of bugs, some of them being likely to be security holes. Besides, there is no client authentification, so anybody could impersonate a client and alter your search results.

Only use it on a trusted network!

Here are some key features of "Bob the Butcher":

Cipher's near source compatibility with John the Ripper. Bob the Butcher benefits from the fast algorithms that have been develloped for John:

Traditionnal DES Solar Designer
BSDI DES [BROKEN] Solar Designer
FreeBSD MD5 [BROKEN] Solar Designer
Windows NTLM (MD4)
MMX/SSE2 bartavelle
Windows Cache (mscash) bartavelle
Raw MD5 (hex-encoded) bartavelle
Raw SHA1 (hex-encoded) bartavelle
MySQL passwords Noah Williamsson
Netscape LDAP SHA Sun-Zero
Netscape LDAP SHA
MMX/SSE2 Bartavelle
Lotus Domino Jeff Fay
Oracle Passwords Bartavelle

Password cracking speed scales linearly with the number of cracking clients.
Central server that can handles several jobs, supporting different priorities (in the future.
Smart keyspace distribution when several jobs are using the same algorithm (not for now).


Build instructions

Only works on pentium or later!

./configure --enable-debug
cd bob_client
./bob_client -b

If it segfaults, try again with:

./configure --enable-debug --disable-sse2


Just run ./bob_server -k SECRET_KEY


Use it to add jobs and check status. For now only he following commands work:

newjob : add a new job
status : gives general status
jobinf : give detailled status

Don't forget to use the -k switch for PSK.

bob_client Put this one on as many computers as possible, and just run:

./bob_client -d -k SECRET_KEY server_host_name

What's New in This Release:

Bugfixes in cyphers, support for Solaris, and a prototype Python server.
Last updated on August 22nd, 2006

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