AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter 1.0.1

AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter on Unix is a plug-in for Sendmail.

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Avira GmbH
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AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter on Unix is a plug-in for Sendmail, which acts as a SMTP filter for all messages passing through the mail server. This integrated antivirus solution employs the milter technology from Sendmail to optimally process the mail traffic.

AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter is a Unix product that checks all incoming and outgoing emails. Depending on the result of the scanning process, the emails are blocked or normally delivered. Information regarding malware infections can be sent by email to administrators, senders and receivers.

AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter ensures that any infected message is isolated into the quarantine directory. This behavior can be controlled through the configuration files.

AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter’s ability to run as a plug-in for Sendmail offers top scanning speeds and better scalability comparing to the usual mail gateway configurations.


Solid antivirus technologies: multi-platform, VB100% certified scan engine, proving its reliability with the 100% detection rate for “in the wild” viruses;
Enhanced antivirus protection: the product offers permanent protection against complex threats, ensuring an immediate outbreak response when new viruses emerge;
Extensive Malware Recognition: aside from viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, worms, etc., AVIRA detects Adware & Spyware, double extension files and unusual runtime compression tools;
Extended scanning capabilities for both incoming and outgoing email traffic; it checks mail attachments, including many types of archives: ZIP, ZIP-Sfx, ARJ, ARJ-Sfx, TAR, GZ, ZOO, UUEncode/XXEncode, TNEF, MIME, BinHex, MSCompress, MS CAB, LZH/LHA, LZH/LHA Sfx, RAR, RAR-Sfx, JAR, BZ2, ACE, ACESfx;
Incident Management: all incidents reported by the AVIRA customers, as well as the solutions offered by the assigned Technical Account Manager, are atutomatically registered with a special ticketing service;
Professional services: the AVIRA license entitles you to an entire year of free virus definitions updates and product upgrades, access to documentation, as well as standard technical support, offered by a team of skilled professionals.

Here are some key features of "AVIRA for Sendmail Milter":

Easy installation and excellent integration with Sendmail;
Increased scanning speed and scalability due to milter plug-in technology;
The possibility to use all the Sendmail functions (e.g. SMTP authentication, anti-relaying, anti-spam);
Efficient and comprehensive actions:
Blocking e-mails based on the attached files' extensions (including either plain files or packed in archives)
Real-time searching for viruses/unwanted programs;
Scanning incoming and outgoing emails including attachments;
Isolating suspicious and infected files;
Blocking emails containing suspicious archives;
Blocking suspicious MIME emails;
Scanning e-mails based on their sender and/or recipient addresses;
External programs plug-in capability for infected files;
Options for administrating the quarantined emails;
Logging in the server's logs or stand-alone files.
Heuristic detection for both macro and Win32 viruses
You can stay protected even against undiscovered threats, due to the advanced behavior analysis technology, which helps identifying and blocking suspicious programs according to code patterns inspection.
Recursive scanning inside archives
In order to check files that are stored in archives, AVIRA makes a real in-depth examination: the nested archives are also unpacked and scanned, level by level. The possibility to freely select the recursion level is also available, optimizing the process speed. The following are checked, among others: ZIP, ZIP-Sfx, ARJ, ARJ-Sfx, TAR, GZ, ZOO, UUEncode/XXEncode, TNEF, MIME, BinHex, MSCompress, MS CAB, LZH/LHA, LZH/LHA Sfx, RAR, RAR-Sfx, JAR, BZ2, ACE, ACESfx;
Configurable notification functions for the administrator, e-mail sender and recipient
In case of virus detection, unwanted programs or suspicious files, an e-mail containing detailed warnings is sent to the postmaster. These reports can also be directed to the sender and/or recipients of the filtered message. In addition, the program includes message templates that can be used at any time, as needed. At the same time, user defined text may be inserted in every e-mail checked by AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter;
Automatic Internet Updates
The Automatic Internet Updater makes sure that your AVIRA solution is permanently up-to-date with the latest virus definitions files and scan engines updates. It can be configured to check for updates at specific times or intervals; for increased flexibility, this kind of tasks can also be performed through the cron daemon;
Self-Integrity Program Check
Your antivirus scanner should always perform a self-check when it starts. Viruses frequently corrupt antivirus installations, which is why a self-check ensures the antivirus system is operating correctly at all times;
AVIRA Feedback Agent (optional)
This simple module sends directly to AVIRA the relevant information about the virus related difficulties you are experiencing. By enabling this useful module, you highly contribute to the accuracy of the AVIRA virus research activity, sustaining the perpetual campaign against malware threats.


30 days trial


i386 platform
Linux OS with 2.2 Kernel
GLIBC 2.2 or better

Last updated on September 29th, 2005

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