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TABULA RASA (EU-project) plotting/score checking tool




trstk is a toolkit is conceived for these purposes:

- Plot the DET curve for a particular system
- Check the consistency between score files w.r.t. the filenames scores refer to


To install from the command line on a machine you have access to the python installation tree (e.g., on a Windows machine):

easy_install trstk

 # or

pip install trstk

If you don't have adminstrative rights on the Python installation directory, you can create an isolated virtual environment using virtualenv. Follow instructions there to download and create a virtual environment and then either easy_install or pip install this package.


We describe a few scenarios for using the Toolkit in specific cases. Read the full documentation in the doc directory for instructions on how to create your own scripts that can re-use the readout functionality available in the kit.

Example 1: Plotting a DET Curve

The following command will plot a single DET curve for a given input score file: test.scores

This command should produce a single plot in PDF file named det.pdf calculated using the contents of the input score file test.scores. The plot title will be empty. You can change the output filename and its type (we support either .png files or .jpg) or add a plot title like this: --title="My Test DET" --output=test.png test.scores

You can plot a series of overlayed DET curves in the following manner: --title="My Test DET" --output=overlayed.pdf \
 --label=devel development.scores --label=test test.scores

This command will produce a single plot in a PDF file, with the overlayed DET curves generated using each of the score files given as input parameters. A legend will be drawn at a convenient location in the plot using the labels for each of the curves as determined by your input. By default the program generates black-and-white plots, but can be instructed to produce coloured plots using the --colour option (see --help message).

Example 2: Checking score set consistency

You can check the consistency between two (or more) score sets that are supposed to provide scores for multiple biometric modalities using the script. This tool will compare two input files and will stop on the first error it finds: faceverif.scores speechverif.scores

If you sort all files before calling the program, huge score files can be checked in a much faster way as we will avoid the sorting step within the program. You can do this using the sort and uniq unix utilities to sort all score files before using like this:

sort my-scores.txt | uniq > sorted-scores.txt
sort other-scores.txt | uniq > other-sorted-scores.txt --sorted sorted-scores.txt other-sorted-scores.txt
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