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A program running under Linux for controlling spectrometers.





fsc2 is a program running under Linux for controlling spectrometers. Programs for remote control of spectrometers usually are home-written and often restricted to doing a certain set of experiments with only a fixed set of devices. In contrast, fsc2 is much more flexible because it was written with three main aims:

- It should be easy for the user to set up a new experiment without having to change the program at all.
- Devices should be exchangeable and support for new devices should not necessitate changes of the basic program.
- Users doing just standard experiments should only need to interact with a simple graphical user interface.

This flexibility has been achieved by making the program an interpreter for a rather easy to learn but powerful enough scripting language (EDL, Experiment Description Language) and employing a strictly modular approach to the handling of devices.

This allows to set up a new experiment or change an already existing one fast and easily without requiring any detailed knowledge of the internals of fsc2 or how exactly devices are controlled by the computer - everything required is to become acquainted with the EDL scripting language.

Moreover, an already working script for an experiment can be swiftly converted to display a graphical user interface for entering the experimental parameters by adding just a few extra lines and converting it via a Perl script (included in the package), thus allowing it to be used also by those not acquainted with the EDL language.
Last updated on October 5th, 2009

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