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A small suite of elemental chemistry tools written in Python




chem is command-line utility for finding periodic elements, and information about those elements.


python object command


 if __name__ == '__main__':

 interactive mode is enabled. Give it any element's value for any of the commands below.


 object can be any atomic number, atomic mass, full name, or abbreviation of any element in the periodic table. object can also be the --help flag.


 The command can be any of the following:
 name charge type mass atomic symbol

 The program will return the command of that given element. If no command is given, the program will print out all the information that it has on that element.


 If is used as a module, then find() function should be used.'

 find() will return the atomic symbol of any elemental command (above) value given.

 This can be used in conjunction with the elements dict.

>>> import elements
>>> elements.find(12)
>>> elements.find(15.999)
>>> elements.find('h')
>>> elements.find('boron')

Game is a command line memory game. It is designed to help you learn the periodic elements through testing.

It includes an easy mode, and a hard mode.

Easy mode quizzes the user on random elemental names, and symbols.

Hard mode quizzes the user on random elemental names, symbols, atomic masses, and atomic numbers.

If is executed with python, then the game will automatically start.'

If game is imported, execute it with start()
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