OPeNDAP 3.6.1

OPeNDAP is a client/server system for making local data accessible to remote locations...

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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OPeNDAP is a client/server system for making local data accessible to remote locations without regard to the local or remote storage format, architecture, or environment.

BES is a new, high-performance back-end server software framework that allows data providers more flexibility in providing end users views of their data. The current OPeNDAP data objects (DAS, DDS, and DataDDS) are still supported, but now data providers can add new data views, provide new functionality, and new features to their end users through the BES modular design. Providers can add new data handlers, new data objects/views, the ability to define views with constraints and aggregation, the ability to add reporting mechanisms, initialization hooks, and more.

OPeNDAP provides the tools to build these new modules that can then be dynamically loaded into the BES.

As an example, the CedarWEB project at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) provides four new data views (info, tab, flat, and stream), authentication, a reporting class to keep track of user data access, MySQL database access of file information (data containers), and more.

OPeNDAP also has available ready to load modules for netcdf, cdf, fits, freeform, hdf4, hdf5 and jgofs. Only a few of these are supported and/or in the current source-only release.

If you are looking for the OPeNDAP 4 Data Server (aka Hyrax) software, the Hyrax page provides a single place where each of the components of Hyrax can be downloaded and also provides information about which versions work together to properly support Hyrax's various features.

Last updated on May 12th, 2008

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