Fachwerk 0.4.1

Fachwerk addresses to structural engineers who are involved with analysing and designing reinforced concrete structures

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What's new in Fachwerk 0.4.1:

  • Alternative algorithm of automatic model reduction enhanced.
  • Linux desktop integration: menu entry, file associations
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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A. Vontobel
ROOT \ Science
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Fachwerk addresses to structural engineers who are involved with analyzing and designing reinforced concrete structures. Fachwerk intends to simplify the application of discontinuous stress fields and strut-and-tie models.

The program calculates strut-and-tie models. It only uses the equilibrium conditions. Thus, unlike common programs, it is not assuming elastic behaviour.

If the system is statically indeterminate, the program calculates the forces of the members that are determinate anyway. You can assign forces to the remaining members. If you assign more forces to members than needed to accomplish a statically determinate system, the program will indicate that the system is inconsistent (except equilibrium is fulfilled anyway).

Difference to other programs?

Every program for frame analysis can calculate trusses and therefore is able to find a possible solution that respects the equilibrium conditions. However, there is a problem if the system is statically indeterminate. The common linear-elastic programs calculate the forces according to the rigidity of the members. For the calculation of strut-and-tie models (for reinforced concrete structures) however, the rigidity of members has no meaning and therefore it should not be used. Instead, you may want to assign the yielding force of a number of reinforcement bars to a tie of the model. That is the function the present program �Fachwerk� is designed for.

For designing girders with constant depth, you may want to have a look at the program Balken. It calculates simple discontinuous stress fields.

Last updated on July 23rd, 2010


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