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Linux / UNIX Debugging Environment
The standard Linux / UNIX debugger, gdb, is extremely powerful, but its command-line interface can be quite intimidating and painful to use. The Code Medic software is compatible with all versions of gdb and provides an elegant, graphical interface to its most important features. gdb currently supports C/C++, Java, PalmOS, various embedded systems, Assembly, FORTRAN, and Modula-2.

Unlike most interfaces to gdb, however, Code Medic aims to remove the need for the command line for all but the most arcane features. In addition, Code Medic integrates with Code Crusader to provide a rapid, efficient develop-debug cycle.

Code Medic is also compatible with the latest version of Sun's dbx, since this accepts gdb commands.

last updated on:
April 27th, 2010, 12:25 GMT
developed by:
John Lindal
license type:
ROOT \ Science

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What's New in This Release:
  • Major changes:
  • Refactored engine to allow different back ends. Added support for Xdebug 2.0, a remote debugger for PHP. When you choose a program to debug, Code Medic will automatically switch to the appropriate back end. To force a particular back end, use the command line options --gdb and --xdebug.
  • Rewrote gdb engine to use the GDB/MI interface. Code Medic now requires gdb 6.0 or newer.
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