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An Open Source advanced molecular visualizer and editor used in chemistry and bioinformatics

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Avogadro2 is an open source, cross-platform, completely free, fast, extensible, intuitive and easy-to-use advanced molecular editor, as well as visualizer. Avogadro2 is a rewrite of the original Avogadro 1 software, bringing more attractive features to its dedicated users.

Designed for molecular modeling, materials science, bioinformatics

The application has been specifically designed to be used in molecular modeling, computational chemistry, materials science, bioinformatics, as well as other similar areas. It provides a powerful plugin architecture and a flexible rendering engine.

Imports Open Babel files

Among some of the most important features of Avogadro2, we can mention the ability to import Open Babel files, input generation support for biomolecules, as well as computational chemistry packages and crystallography.

Intuitive and easy-to-use GUI

Another goal of the Avogadro2 project is to provide users with an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) that has been redesigned to be useful to the entire community. The application is now extremely efficient and fast when compared with the first generation Avogadro.

Offers a powerful plugin architecture

Another interesting feature of the Avogadro2 application is that it can be easily extended with new functionality, thanks to its powerful plugin architecture. The software is being known to embrace the latest technologies and it’s very flexible, supporting a wide variety of chemical packages and data formats.

Getting started with Avogadro2

The project is currently distributed as native installers for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and split into two packages, App and Libraries, for GNU/Linux distributions. You need both archives to install Avogadro2.

Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows

Avogadro2 is a cross-platform application that can run on any GNU/Linux distribution, as well as on the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Both 32 and 64-bit computer platforms are supported at this time.

Avogadro2 was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 29th, 2015
Avogadro2 - The main window, where users can edit and visualize molecules

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