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iceWing is an Integrated Communication Environment Which Is Not Gesten (this is a reference to an older program, the predecessor of iceWing) is a graphical plugin shell. It is optimized for, but not limited to, image processing and vision system development.

Predefined or self-written plugins operate hierarchically on data provided by other plugins and can also generate new data-streams. An important predefined plugin is the grabbing plugin, which can read images from the disk in various image formats, videos from the disk, from grabber-hardware, e.g. V4L2-devices or FireWire, and also from external, network wide processes.

Besides plugin management, iceWing also supports comfortable rendering of any data in any number of windows. All interactions with the windows, like panning, zooming, introspection, or saving, are handled by iceWing.

Additionally, a comfortable user interface creation is provided, where the complete handling of the interface elements is taken over by iceWing. This includes saving and loading of all widget settings and all window settings and positions at any time.
Last updated on October 4th, 2012

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iceWing is an Integrated Communication Environment Which Is Not Gesten.


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