Yet Another Dynamic Engine 0.12.1

Yet Another Dynamic Engine (YADE) is an extensible framework that is designed with dynamic libraries.

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What's new in Yet Another Dynamic Engine 0.12.1:

  • Several Python interface improvements, a code for plotting histogram of interaction directions, and a new contact algorithm for facets were added.
  • A Python script for making videos and a TCP server on port 9000 with a Python console in it were made.
  • There is a new dependency on the python-numpy package, which allows faster math in Python.
  • A script for parametric studies was written.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Janek Kozicki
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Visualization
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Yet Another Dynamic EngineYet Another Dynamic EngineYet Another Dynamic Engine
Yet Another Dynamic Engine (YADE) is an extensible framework that is designed with dynamic libraries in a way that it is easy to add new numerical models and objects.

There are four different models: Discrete Element Method based on spheres, a second method based on tetrahedra, modelling with lattice elements, and Finite Element Method.

Various different methods and algorithms for numerical simulation currently exist. Yade tries to extract their underlying abstractions using following examples:

- Finite Element Method (FEM, [2]),
- Discrete Element Method (DEM),
- Coupling FEM with DEM,
- Mass Spring System,
- Lattice Beam Model,
- Tetrahedron Discrete Model.

Those abstractions are implemented in C++ conforming to Object Oriented design principles. They provide interface to plug-in different modelling methods.
Yade framework is intended to work with other numerical methods than those mentioned above.


- allows numerous simulation methods in the single framework, so coupling them becomes possible,
- plugins can import data from other software,
- thoughtful code design promotes code reuse and improvement,
- open source development model allows community feedback.


- implementing models requires adhering to framework design,
- Yade framework is a new emerging software, still in beta phase.
- if you know more disadvantages, let us know!

Last updated on November 23rd, 2008

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