System_Stats_WebView 2.1

System_Stats_WebView is a utility that provides various statistics about the system on which it is running.

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1 System_Stats_WebView Screenshot:
System_Stats_WebView project is a utility that provides various statistics about the system on which it is running.

These statistics are displayed as 3D plots using the Tchartlib JavaScript library. Users can access these statistics through a Web interface.


Cygwin Base


This utility is intended to be installed and executed from within the directory /usr/local/bin. To install, copy the tar archive to /usr/local/bin and initiate:

tar xvf System_Stats_WebView_1.0.tar

This will extract the contents of the tar file to the directory SYSTEM_STATS_COMPONENTS. Next initiate 'cd SYSTEM_STATS_COMPONENTS' and copy the files to the destinations descibed below:

cp SYSTEM_STATS.eng ..
cp TSChartLib.js excanvas.js /var/www/cgi-bin
cp index_test.html book.css MMECS_THUMBNAIL.jpg /var/www/htdocs

You may also want to install this as a service which would require the utility cygrunsrv.

To install as a service, you must include the -c switch which causes a swith to the execution directory /usr/local/bin

cygrunsrv -I SYS_STATS_WEBVIEW -p /usr/local/bin/ -c /usr/local/bin

Once installed as a service, you can start statistics collection by initiating:


The distribution contained in this package contains a version of the perl script intended for install on any Windows OS. Additional disk devices can be enabled by removing the commented devices within this script.

Registered users may also send email inquiries for assistance in
configuring the package.

Known Bugs:
The message error on page will be displayed if attempting to plot the results priot to collecting at least 2 samples.

Resizing the browser window fails to redraw the screen properly. If the screen is resized, you must initiate refresh in order to restore the view.

It has been my experience that the Apache server requires disabling Keepalive within the configuration file /etc/apache/httpd.conf when running on windows under Cygwin.

What's New in This Release:, WebView2.0.html, WebView_Start.html, and Webview_Start.css have been modified to operate under Firefox. has been modified to change the order in which chart elements are added, improving readability of displayed charts.
The doc directory and Cygwin_Installation.html file were added, containing instructions to guide users through the process of installng the Cygwin components required to operate this utility.

Last updated on August 24th, 2006

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