SCADA system for Linux

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What's new in SZARP 3.0:

  • full unicode support
  • internationalization, including mechanism for on-the-fly translation of technical parameters' names
  • embedded LUA scripting language for defining both server- and client-side parameters; editor for user's parameters
  • experimental support for OpenGL draws display
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Praterm S.A.
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SZARP is an open source, full-featured SCADA system for Linux. Client programs are available for Linux and Windows.

SZARP is specially designed for controlling slowly-changing industrial processes, such as operations of urban heating systems.

What are the features of SZARP?

SZARP architecure contains 3 main layers.

The first layer is device drivers. There are several drivers available, for different devices, including:

* Modbus RST/TCP, master and slave
* MBus
* Praterm ZET/Sterkom PLC
* Pollustat and Infocal heating meters
* Pozyton electricity meters
* text files and text output from programs

Device drivers are, for historical reasons, calles 'line daemons'.

The second layer are deamons for collecting data from drivers, calculating average values and formulas (defined parameters), and saving data to database. Datas are generally available with 10-seconds resolution, but database contains 10-minutes average values. There is also web server available for serving parameter values by HTTP.

The third layer are client programs, including:

* Reporter - program for viewing current (10-seconds averages) values of parameters.
* Controller - program for signalling parameter values irregularities.
* Extractor - program for exporting data from database to spreadsheet files.
* Draw - powerfull tool for viewing and analyzing historical values of parameters.

Last updated on November 27th, 2008

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